Mother of the late boy who inspired Taylor Swift’s ‘Ronan’ shares her emotional reaction to the song

One of Taylor Swift’s most poignant songs is her 2012 ballad single “Ronan,” honoring a 4-year-old boy who died of cancer last year.

Initially, Swift, 31, released “Ronan” nine years ago as an organization that only helps the needy on iTunes. Swift is now compiling a new version of the song “Red (Taylor’s Version)”, which was also recorded for her fourth studio album, “Red”.

Ronan’s mother, Maya Thompson, shared her emotional response to the re-recorded song, accompanied by a new video with a song with a picture of her late son.

“I’ll be like this all day”, Thompson wrote on Twitter on Thursday, sharing a photo with tears in his eyes. She said she just heard the song and saw Rona on Taylor’s version. She further added she has not been able to tell Swift about the music video until now and that It’s more than perfect and she can’t wait to see them all. She tagged Taylor Swift and said that she is her favorite person and thanked her for loving her son.

He later added to another tweet, “Forever is ours, thank you @ taylorswift13. I’m crying. It’s so sad.”

Ronan passed on in no time before his fourth birthday from neuroblastoma. Swift was shaken to her core to compose “Ronan” after finding Thompson’s web journal, Rockstar Ronan, and the Grammy victor included Thompson as a co-author of the 2012 song.

In a July web journal section, Thompson shared a portion of a mail Quick composed to him asking consent to transfer an unused “Ronan” recording to “Red”.

According to Thompson, Taylor Swift wrote, Red was an album of heartache and healing, anger and shame, tragedy and trauma, and of losing the imaginary future on the side of man. Taylor said to Thompson she wrote Ronan while doing Red and got your story as you told it honestly and sadly and my real hope is that you will agree with me that this song is included in this album. As a co-author and the rightful owner of the whole story, your opinion and your acceptance of this idea are very important to me, and I will respect your wishes here.

Thompson, who founded the Ronan Thompson Foundation following the death of her son, told Swift that “of course” he had permission to include “Ronan” on his new album.

Thompson wrote in her blog she has tried her best to express what it means to her with her tears, but there are not enough words in English that will be able to properly convey her feelings about this.