Thermoskin Sport Knee Stabilizer,Black


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Thermoskin Sport Knee Stabilizer provides compression, medial and lateral support and warmth for the knee during periods of increased activity. Exclusive stabilizer system allows users to pinpoint the location and level of support according to their specific needs. The stabilizer system has three pockets on each side of the knee. The four flexible metal stabilizers may be placed in any of these pockets, allowing the user to pinpoint the areas where additional support is required. The Thermoskin Sport products are designed to be specifically worn during active performance. Thermoskin Sport products have an exclusive three layered material composition for comfort and maximum performance. The inner layer is soft against the skin and allows for airflow, the middle layer provides support & compression, the outer layer is Velcro responsive for greater adjustability and comfort. Sizing Guide: Measure the circumference of the knee cap while in a standing position. Small/Medium 11 – 13 3/4 inches. Large/X-Large 14 – 17 inches.
Active performance support therapy for sports injuries
Promotion of increased blood flow may enhance recovery
Designed specifically as an active performance support, Thermoskin Sport products are intended for wear during increased levels of activity (sport)
Thermoskin Sport features an exclusive three layered material composition for comfort and maximum performance
Trioxon lining is soft against the skin, wicks away moisture & allows airflow so the skin remains well oxygenated & comfortable during activity
S Stretch Core middle layer is superlight, soft and provides superior stretch for all around support and compression
VR System: Velcro Responsive outer layer allows the straps to be secured anywhere on the brace for greater adjustability and comfort


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