Stoner 94203 GUST Easy Air Duster – 12 oz. 2...


Price: $28.95
(as of Jun 19,2022 14:58:47 UTC – Details)

94203 GUST Easy Duster, quickly blows dust, dirt, lint, hair, sand, sawdust, moisture and microscopic debris from hard-to-reach areas or delicate surfaces. GUST is like a portable air compressor you can hold in your hand. When you Dust with GUST, you get a blast of extremely clean, filtered, moisture-free, high pressure gas that will not scratch or harm glass, optics, metals, plastics, rubber, or hardware when used as directed. GUST is a time saving cleaning tool with a unique variable pressure trigger that lets you control the dusting pressure. Dust with GUST to clean keyboards, printers, computers, cameras, audio gear, miniblinds, plants, lamps, appliances, power tools, or anywhere dust collects in your home, garage, office, or business. GUST contains 100% pure difluoroethane, a colorless, odorless, moisture-free, ozone-safe propellant that can produce pressure in excess of 70 psi.


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