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A Soccer Juggling Innovation! Comes with a FREE Travel Case! Orders placed by 2pm EST ship same day. We have a 3.5 day average shipping time from our facilities in Chicago, IL.
LET’S KICKIT! – The Kickit Pro Trainer is the aerodynamic badminton birdie re-engineered to be kicked with your feet! Designed to fly faster, be more sensitive, and better for skill moves. This state-of-the-art game makes it easy and exciting to play with friends! Use the Pro Trainer to train up your soccer skills, improve ball control and master juggling!
EASY & FUN! – Kickit has one rule: there are no rules! Players use their feet, head, thighs, and chest… but NO HANDS! Meant to maximize time where everyone can play. Treat Kickit like a soccer game with compact, adjustable court sizes and an easy to pass ball (the Kickit!) that floats through the air so you can keep the game alive and train yourself to learn technical skills. Don’t be afraid to create new games and challenges. Above all- Kickit!
SAFE INDOORS & OUT! – The Kickit Pro Trainer has a smaller rubber kick-pad than the Original Kickit that is the secret ingredient to easy kicks, juggling, passing, and learning tricks! It’s made with a four feather formation, smaller kick-pad, and a narrower profile, causing it to create less drag on the way down. With a more sensitive kick because the surface area of the kick-pad is smaller and more compressed, causing it to bounce higher with less impact.
THE TOTAL GAME – Kickit is on a mission to bring family and friends closer together with the exciting game we call Kickit! We fell in love with this game when we first played and saw how fun it was! Inspired by JianZi, a sport that has existed since the 5th century B.C. We at Kickit have tips and tricks to help you learn and win because this game is FUN and a great experience for all ages!


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