Immortal Legends – Hidden Object 15 Pack


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Immortal Legends Includes 15 Hidden Object Adventures: Clutter 2: He Said She Said Explore 12 exotic locations solving puzzles and clearing clutter. Rescue ta Rajini Island Journey through ancient ruins on an uncharted island as you search for a missing captain and his crew The Heritage: Discover your family heritage and uncover secrets as you explore your grandfather’s haunted manor in this spooky tale. Pirate Mysteries: Explore the unknown exotic island and help Mary rescue her father who has been possessed by demons. Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light: Stranded by a storm on a mysterious island, Jane must explore the clues to find Mike and escape from danger. Jane Angel: Templar Mystery Travel across the globe to solve a timeless mystery and find the Holy Grail Namariel Legends: Iron Sword: Emerge into a unique fantasy world to solve the mystery of an evil lord’s dark power. Soul Journey: Unravel tricky puzzles and conquer challenging puzzles on your quest to save your soul The Lost Kingdom Prophecy: Save the kingdom from the evil wizard in this dramatic hidden object fantasy Between the Worlds: Search scenes for hidden clues and decipher puzzles as you solve and evil wizard’s crime wave in your city Renovate and Relocate: Boston Refurbish old houses, clear hidden items and perfect your design skills as you discover this fascinating city. Live Novels: Pride and Prejudice Unravel a plot of mystery, jealousy and love in Victorian era England in this romantic hidden objects adventure Celtic Lore: Sidhe Hills Embark on a dangerous journey in the mystic hollow hills, as you search for clues in the disappearance of your brother. Autumn’s Treasures: The Jade Coin Follow clues from a mysterious journal across the globe to recover priceless antiques and uncover secrets from your grandfather’s past.
Thrilling plots
Mysterious characters
Dramatic game play
Elaborate puzzles


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