HC Lighting – Halogen/Xenon Electronic Transformer...


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Low voltage transformer which are sometimes referred to as a step down transformer are used to convert main line voltage to a lower voltage suitable for bulbs. Transformers can be used with incandescent, halogen, xenon and krypton type bulbs. This transformer has a “120 Volt” Input Voltage which is converted to “12” Volts. (AC) Measurements 2.63″ Long x 1.38″ Width x 0.88″ Height. This transformer is dimmable and is fully potted. Potting helps protect the internal components from being damaged if they are exposed to the elements. Minimum wattage requirements are common for lighting transformers. This means that the transformer will not produce 12 Volts if the “20 Watt” minimum wattage amount is not applied. Always make sure power is off when working with electrical parts and fixtures.
60 Watt Max Load Transformer with 12 Volt Output and Minimum 20 Watt Load
Suitable for use with Halogen, Xenon, Krypton Transformer and some LED’s
Fully Potted Unit to help protect circuitry from elements.
Auto Reset Protected >20KHZ 60HZ – 0.5A
120 Volt (VAC) Input – 12 Volt (VAC) output (20 watt minimum load required for transformer to produce 12 volts)


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