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(as of Jun 11,2022 13:19:09 UTC – Details)

Amazing Digital Planner Bundle has been carefully designed to maximize productivity, aid in achieving all the goals that you set for yourself.
Great for both beginners and those who have long fallen in love with digital planning.

This product not an app by itself, it is intended to be used with 3rd party app – Goodnotes 5 for iPad. Therefore, Goodnotes 5 must be installed on your device before purchase.


– Instruction Guide on how to download and import digital templates into Goodnotes 5 app, set front covers, import stickers, how to use digital planner, and more.
– Dated Planner for 2022-2024
– Undated Planner
– Student Planner
– Teacher Planner
– Social Media Planner
– Fitness Planner
– Finance Planner
– Notebook
– Notepad
– Household Planner
– Moving Planner
– Party Planner
– Password Log
– Client Book
– Reading Tracker
– Delivery Tracker
– Entertainment Tracker
– Sticker Collections for Goodnotes – 10 themes.


Because Amazon does not allow sellers to upload digital items, we have created an Access Card. Order it, and you can download all digital templates for the Goodnotes 5 app.
So, after your order is placed, we will ship you a physical Access Card with a personal unique QR-code that will allow you to download the Amazing Digital Bundle.


– Our planners are designed for those who strive when theyíre organized and have time management.
– With our daily pages, you can plan your day as a whole, without the constant stress of going randomly about your day without a plan or guidance. Keep your records on track, make more time for activities, and less time for stress.
– Countless hours of work have been put in creating the perfect life planner for you!

SCAN & DOWNLOAD – Scan the Access Card with your iPad camera and get the option to download Goodnotes planner templates.
DIGITAL PLANNER FOR IPAD – Amazing Bundle is perfect for anyone who prefers digital planning; It was created to maximize productivity and cover all the planning goals.
DIGITAL TEMPLATES: Dated – Undated – Fitness – Finance – Household – Student – Teacher – Social Media Planners, Notebook, Notepad, Digital Sticker Collections and much more.
FOR GOODNOTES 5 – Amazing Bundle is not an app by itself, it is intended to be used with mentioned app; Goodnotes 5 is a paid app in AppStore and works on all iOS devices; But it works much more conveniently on an iPad with an Apple Pencil.
ACCESS CARD – Get Amazing Digital Planner Bundle for Goodnotes 5 by ordering this physical card.


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