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1. 1. Lightweight and comfortable gaming headset with removable microphone. Earphone metal shell. Put the earphones in the black storage bag and zipper storage box for easy carrying and storage.

Computer audio distribution cable, please connect the computer, you can play games, listen to music and watch movies on the computer.

2. Widely Compatible 
Gaming eabuds with 3.5mm Audio plug,gaming earphones widely works with for PS4, Xbox one, Nintendo Switch, PC, Laptop, Computer, tablet, all kinds of Mobile phones,for iPhone 7 / 6 / 6s / 5, Samsung Galaxy,comfortably makes you enjoy the game.

3. Dual controllable mic 
One In line microphone and one Detachable microphone, convenient for gaming and communicating. The detachable microphone also flexible to be adjusted in 360 to pick up your voice clearly.

4.Excellent stereo sound
 High Sounds and bass stereo earbuds provide you with a high quality sound and enjoy the virtual gaming world.And the total cable length is up to 1.2m. Thus this earphone with mic can totally meet the gamers requirements during their gaming.

If the audio hole of the mobile phone protective shell is small, it will block, the headphone plug cannot be completely inserted into the audio hole of the mobile phone, the sound of the earphone on the side of the earphone will become small or no sound. Please expand the audio port of your phone case.

Package Includes:
1  *Headset
1 * Detachable Mic
2  *Earplug cover
1  * Wire clip
1 * Ear hook
1  * Audio distribution line
1  *Black storage bag
1  * Zipper storage box
The headset comes with a zipper storage box, and a black storage bag. The zipper storage box can store headphones and microphones, earplug caps, and computer audio cables, making it easy to carry. Let you play mobile games at any time.
Note that if your phone does not have a 3.5mm audio jack. You need to be equipped with a 3.5mm audio adapter to use this headset normally.There is a pair of ear hooks in the package. L1 is the right ear and R1 is the left ear. The headset microphone jack is on the right, and the headset without a microphone jack is on the left. Ear hooks for earphone installation. The earphones are not easy to fall off the ears.
Dual microphone: push-in microphone with button control and detachable microphone. Can answer your voice clearly, and meet your immediate and effective playback and communication needs. The detachable microphone can be bent at will, adjust the angle suitable for you, so that your voice can be transmitted clearly instantly.
Earplugs: Ideal for games, sports, music, videos, audiobooks and all other content. The earphones are put into a zipper storage box, so you can play mobile games at any time. Equipped with a computer audio cable, you can play games on the computer.
Broad compatibility: Compatible with almost all devices equipped with 3.5mm headphone jack. Suitable for PS4, Xbox one, Nintendo, PC, laptop, tablet, various mobile phones, etc.


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