Flexzion 100 Pack CD DVD Thick Paper Sleeves Standard...


Price: $14.99
(as of Jun 11,2022 15:11:23 UTC – Details)

The paper sleeve window envelope allows you to safely package 1 standard size CD or DVD. This paper sleeve window envelope features a clear plastic window and fold over flap. The Paper Sleeve Window Envelope is a classic and inexpensive solution.
Cost efficient CD sleeves with window & flap. Protect delicate data discs from scratches, cracks, fingerprints, and other types of damage
Matte Non-Glossy Blue Paper CD Sleeves
100 pieces premium CD sleeves per pack; Affordable, easy to use. The envelopes are crafted from durable protective paper, so you can feel comfortable carrying discs in your briefcase or sending them to business contacts
The sleeves have a plastic window (covered by transparent film) that display the fronts of your discs. You can quickly determine what information is on each CD or DVD without manually checking it on your computer
The flap is held closed by a slit in the back, perfect for easy opening and still protects the CD from dust. Neat and uniformly sized envelopes simplify the process of storing your discs. You can write on the white surfaces to provide additional identification before stowing the discs in a file storage box


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