Boomwhackers 5-Note Bass Chromatic Set (Lower Octave)...


Price: $34.98 - $28.97
(as of Jun 13,2022 13:57:45 UTC – Details)

Consists of the 5 sharps/flats for our bass octave. This Set combines with the Bass Diatonic Set to yield a lower chromatic scale, or combines nicely with the Chromatics Set for an extended range of notes.
Boomwhacker Instrument sets are an entertaining, percussive way to teach children about notes
Boomwhackers feature tubes that are clearly marked with each note, and may be used in sets or to teach songs
Boomwhackers are available in sets of 8 Note Diatonic (BWDG), 7 Note Diatonic Bass (BWJG), 6 Note Pentatonic (BWPG), 5 Note Sharps / Flats (BWCG), 5 Note Bass Sharps / Flats (BWKG) or 12 Note Chromatic Set (BWCG)
If you are looking for the hottest item on the market that will help to develop your child’s interest in music, you need look no further than Boomwhackers
The Secret Boomwhackers are tubes that are perfectly tuned to different muscial notes which are clearly marked on their labels


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