Best Story Wins [A Party Game] of Juicy Conversation...


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BEST STORY WINS includes 150 prompt cards to make you share your best (and worst) stories from every occasion. We put a fun twist on your typical conversation starter or table topic deck. It’s kind of like truth or dare with just the juicy truth questions. It gets personal! Impress the group with the best lie you ever told your parents or the weirdest way you’ve ever made money. True stories only- the juicier the better!
We put a fun twist on your typical conversation starter deck. Best Story Wins includes 150 Prompt Cards To Make You Share Your Best (And Worst) Stories From Every Occasion
It’s kind of like a game of Truth or Dare without the dares and mostly just juicy Truths. It Gets Personal. Impress The Group With The Best True Story Of The Weirdest Way You’Ve Ever Made Money, Your Best Celebrity Encounter, And Much More
The Juicier The Story The Better. Spare No Detail
The Group Votes On Whose Story Is Best
For 2+ players ages 17+
From the creators of Who’s Most Likely To and You Laugh You Drink party games


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