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The BAFX Products replacement hiking pole tips are specifically designed to fit the BAFX Products hiking poles perfectly. Whether you are walking, hiking or trekking through the beautiful world, you will not be disappointed in our tips! They will add comfort and enjoyment to your walks / hikes and help to preserve the beauty of nature all around us! Available in quantity packs of 5, 10 or 25. Always be prepared and have more on hand than you think you need, just in case! Features: Helps reduce slipping on hard surfaces such as concrete & asphalt Helps reduce marring of natural rock formations, metal tips can scratch such surfaces but when using rubber tips you are helping to protect the beauty of these rock formations Helps to reduce wrist fatigue by reducing some of the shock created when placing the pole on the pavement, hike longer! Made with the same quality and care of more expensive brands at a fraction of the price! Available in large packs so you always have spares ready to go! 1 Year manufacturer warranty against defects not due to normal wear and tear!
ADD TRACTION – Using rubber tips on your poles helps to add stability and traction for your hike when traversing over flat smooth terrain such as concrete, asphalt, & more! Using your bare metal tips on such surfaces can cause slipping of the poles
PROTECT THE ENVIROMENT – Using rubber tips on your poles can help protect the precious beauty of the world around you. When using metal tips hiking on flat rock surfaces, they may scratch the surface of these rocks! With rubber tips on your poles you can help preserve the beauty of the natural environment around you! Keep in mind, some trails REQUIRE that you use rubber tips on your poles!
PROTECT YOURSELF – Using these tips on your hiking poles adds one more lay of cushioning between the earth and your wrist, helping to reduce the shock on your wrist with each pole placement leading to less fatigue and more hiking!
ALWAYS CARRY SPARES – Purchase one of our larger packs of tips so that you always have spares handy! We recommend always taking few spares on every hike as tips will wear out with time and can get stuck/lost in muddy areas, it never hurts to have some backups!


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