(5-PACK) 5/V150H 6V 150mAh NiMH Button Cell Battery...


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Exell 5/V150H 6V 150mAh NiMH Button Cell Battery ALL EXELL BATTERY CUSTOM PACKS ARE MADE WITH GENUINE VARTA CELLS This custom pack is excellent for high-tech applications in cordless phones, notebook bridging function, memory backup and real-time clock in PCs/notebooks as well as power sources for toys, remote control devices, torches, domestic alarms, car alarms, Med Equipment and many more. You can trust that we have solution to meet your battery requirements. Exell 5/V150H 6V 150mAh NiMH Button Cell Battery Specifications: Voltage: 6V, Amperage: 150mAh, Chemistry: NiMH, Terminals: FLAT, Height: 1.16in (29.5mm), Diameter: 1in (25.6mm), Rechargeable NiMH Button Type Range Focused on the market requirements of modern electronic devices, Exell Battery offers high-tech Rechargeable NiMH Button Cells: With high capacity, No memory effect, Long life expectancy, Excellent charge & discharge characteristics, 0 % lead, 0 % mercury and 0 % cadmium, Safe & reliable (UL recognition), Application: GPS-Tracker, Wireless Beacon, eCall, Vehicle Tracking, Car Alarm, Solar, Automatic Pipette, Electricity Metering, Server Backup Battery, RTC, MBU, Backup Battery for Timer, Removable Flashlight, Cigarette Lighter Torch, Alarm System, Consumer Device, Education Electricity Meter, Emergency Lights, Energy Harvesting Backup, GPS terminal, Hot Swap (notebook), Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), Portable lighting, Rechargeable Torchlight, Scanner (Bar Code Reader), Sensor, Sensor Network, Timer, Work Lights LED,
BATTERY REPLACEMENT: This heavy-duty button cell battery pack is an excellent replacement option that can be used for medical applications, PC/laptop memory backup tools, consumer devices, and other items.
HIGH-QUALITY BATTERY: Made from GENUINE VARTA Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Cells, this battery features a voltage of 6V and amperage of 150mAh. It’s designed for use in a wide variety of high-tech applications and built to last.
CROSS-REFERENCE: Before ordering this battery backup, be sure to check that the product is compatible with the battery’s chemistry, size, amperage, polarity, and voltage.
REPLACEMENT BATTERIES: This backup battery is great for household uses, industrial tools, and many more applications. Add to your electronic supplies today so you can always have replacement batteries when you need them.


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