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So you think you know the 2000s?! Play over 400 pop culture trivia questions crammed with phat pictures, sweet trivia, and various game challenges. Relive the hot fashions, dope trends, sick movies, TV, & music! Divide into teams and face challenges like Double or Nothing, Head-To-Head Battles, Drawing, Clue Giving, Image Cards, and more! So, turn on your perfect away message and show everyone your mad 2000s skillz- because it’s never too soon to go back to the start of the new millennium. • 3+ players, you can play with all of your friends and the whole extended family • Ages 14+, any younger and they probably haven’t even heard of this stuff. • 20-30 minute playtime, face off a few times in a single sitting! • Listen to the soundtrack on Spotify! Just scan the code on the box with your Spotify app and you can listen to over 60 of our favorites tunes from the 2000s. • Contains 200 cards with over 400 questions, 30 second timer, and game instructions.
Flashback to the dopest decade that’s all that and a bag of chips
Play over 400 pop culture questions crammed with pictures, trivia and various game challenges. Relive gnarly fashions, trends, movies, TV and the tunes!
Comes with 200 cards containing over 400 questions, 30 second timer and instructions
Listen to the complimentary game soundtrack on Spotify
Made in the USA


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