Ahead of their meeting with President Biden within the Oval Office Tuesday, individuals of the Korean pop supergroup BTS showed up at the everyday White House briefing with press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to address the rise in abhor violations and discrimination against Asians within the Joined together States.

K-pop stars made brief statements to reporters before the meeting, calling for a halt to the crimes against Asian Americans.

Jimin told the translator that they are saddened by the increase in hate crimes, including hate Asian American hate crimes. To stop this and support the cause, they would like to take this opportunity to express their selves again.

The assembly comes at a time when the Asian American month and the Hawaiian / Pacific Islander Asia are finishing in May taking after a sharp rise in abhorring wrongdoings against society within the past year.

Attacks on indigenous Asians have intensified as some politicians and scholars have urged Americans to blame China for COVID-19. Learn more

Fans of the K-pop BTS boy band pass by an advertisement advertising their concert at the Seoul Olympic Stadium in Seoul.

Members of the K-Pop BTS band (not in succession) Kim Taehyung, Kim Seokjin, Jon Jeongguk, Kim Namjoon, Park Jimin, Jung Hoseok, and Min Yoon-gi made statements against Asian hate crimes and inclusion and representation during the meeting. daily notice at the White House in Washington, U.S.A.

While the meeting was closed to pressure, the White House said one goal was to discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion and the BTS platform as youth ambassadors who spread the message of hope and hope around the world.

Artists are known for using their names and social campaigns aimed at empowering young people since its inception in 2013. The base of their followers extends beyond adult statistics, consolidating their spending on an online knowledgeable generation that uses the power of social media.

In June 2020, BTS fans made an estimated $ 1 million a day in the online #MatchAMillion online campaign for U.S. social justice, in line with the group’s contribution to Black Lives Matter.

The management of the band Big Hit Music said it was a great pleasure to be invited to the White House.

Big Hit Music said that as they have visited as artists representing South Korea, they look forward to discussing a variety of topics including social cohesion, diversity, hate crimes against Asia, culture, and the arts.


Jimin’s t-shirt

Jimin once wore a t-shirt which was considered disputable, given that it as far as anyone knows backed the bombarding at Hiroshima. The t-shirt highlighted Korean freedom mottos which were scowled upon by Japanese patriots. This contention is indeed driven by the canceling of their appearance on a TV appearance in Japan.

When RM was blamed for plagiarism.

In 2015, the part of the band was blamed for literary theft by a few Twitter handles. They pointed out that he utilized lines within the tunes that were actually written by them which he claimed he possess. Be that as it may, RM acknowledged these affirmations and made an expression of remorse, specifying that he takes motivation for composing from books, motion pictures, and indeed interviews.

War of Hormone met criticism.

BTS’ tune, War of Hormone gotten backfired for being a misanthrope. This happened in 2014 when individuals pointed out that the verses of the tune generalized ladies. They examined – “Girls are like an equation/us folks fair do them (yup) /Imma deliver it to you young lady right now/A lady is the finest present.” Since that point, the band has attempted to be more delicate and mindful of their writing.

When fans spotted a condom in Jin’s room.

In 2014, Jin shared a picture from this dorm room of him eating nourishment that he had cooked. Soon, people spotted a box of condoms within the picture, and this turned into a discussion. A few indeed seen it contrarily, which driven to gossipy tidbits. Afterward, Huge Hit Excitement came forward to clarify that it was really a box of condoms that a fan had skilled Jin.

Backfire from Chinese fans.

In October 2020, the band pioneer RM gave a discourse at the Van Armada Grants. He talked around the band’s roundabout commitment to making the Korea-USA relationship superior. As a result, numerous Chinese fans pointed out that this was insolent of the penances made by their officers amid war. Numerous websites indeed expelled substances related to BTS.

Passing dangers to RM.

In an Australian interview, RM made a questionable articulation saying that, when he to begin with met V and J-Hope, he couldn’t see them since they were ‘too black’. This was considered a bigot and thus got a parcel of feedback. In 2015, dangers were made to his life, which was allegedly due to his explanation at the meeting. As a result, the leftover portion of their US visit was canceled.

Allegation of controlling charts.

BTS has been making very a blend for a long time presently their fan taking after is sufficient verification of it. But, after the discharge of their melody, I Require U, the band was charged with controlling charts by utilizing illicit and deceptive strategies. The band beat and the contention passed on down before long, given that their ubiquity was apparent.

Up10tion – Korean Band in 2022

Up10tion, commonly styled as UP10TION; pronounced up tension, an acronym for Mind-boggling Perfect 10 part. This is often a South Korean boy band shaped by Beat Media in 2015. The bunch comprises ten individuals: Jinhoo, Kuhn, Kogyeol, Lee Jin-hyuk, Bitto, Kim Woo-Seok, Sunyoul, Gyujin, Hwanhee, and Xiao. The gather debuted with their, to begin with, amplified play Best Mystery. In 2017, they made their Japanese make a big appearance with EP ID.

On September 9, Up10tion hosted the first show at AX Concert Hall in Seoul where 500 fans were present. Up10tion released the EP Top Secret, featuring the debut song So, Dangerous, was released on September 11, 2015. The debut album was at No. 9 and reached a peak at number 7 on the Gaon Album Chart. They started their official music program on September 10 with the Mnet M! Countdown, playing their first song, So, Dangerous. They also had a preview of their debut album in Beijing, China on September 22. So, Dangerous’s music video has been ranked 9th in the most-watched K-pop videos on Billboard in America in September 2015.

On November 26, Up10tion discharged their moment EP Bravo! with the lead single Capture Me!, which was created by Iggy and Yong Bae, who delivered Ailee’s Paradise and GFriend’s Me Gustas Tu. It too incorporates the track Party2nite, which was composed and composed by Youngster Top’s Changjo. The collection topped at number 5 on Gaon Collection Chart.

On June 6, Best Media issued an articulation with respect to Wooseok’s break. It was expressed that his mental condition had compounded due to the mental push that he had been getting since the conclusion of 2016, due to a discussion that affirmed he had improperly touched his The Appear co-host, Jeon So-mi, close to her chest region amid a video. There were official explanations discharged by both parties’ organizations that denied these claims, alongside the generation staff from The Show.

With Wooseok on break, Up10tion proceeded their exercises as nine individuals. They discharged their 6th scaled-down collection Star, dom on June 29. The EP contained six tracks, counting lead single Runner. On October 12, the gathering discharged the 2017 Extraordinary Photo Version, containing two tracks, counting lead single Going Crazy.

2018: To begin with full-length collection Welcome and proceeded to tour On January 20, Up10tion discharged their moment Japanese single collection Wild Love.

On Walk 15, Up10tion discharged they’re to begin with studio collection Welcome with title track Candyland which contain 10 other tracks. Wooseok returned to the gather which finished his 8-month hiatus.

In May, Up10tion began there, to begin with, visit Up10tion Japan Live Visit 2018. In June, the gathered began their moment visit, Up10tion 1st US Meet & Live Visit Candyland in 8 cities.

On Admirable 8, Up10tion discharged the third Japan single collection Chaser. On Admirable 20, Up10tion discharged 2018 Extraordinary Photo Version with the single So Beautiful.

On September 19, Up10tion began their third visit, Up10tion Europe Tour.

On December 6, Up10tion discharged their seventh EP Laberinto, with the lead single Blue Rose.

2019: Create X 101, individuals break and visiting activities On May 31, Up10tion began their 4th visit to Laberinto Visit in North America without Wooseok and Jinhyuk. Jinhyuk and Wooseok were contenders on Deliver X 101, with Wooseok being a finalist and in Eminent, got to be a part of the modern boy bunch X1. The bunch in this way disbanded due to the Mnet vote control examination.


On Admirable 22, Up10tion discharged The Minute of Dream with the lead single Your Gravity, which was advanced without Wooseok and Jinhyuk. Jinhyuk in the meantime debuted as a soloist in November.

On April 7, Best Media declared Jinhoo will go on a break due to wellbeing concerns. They too reported the gather will be having a summer collection but it did not happen until the comeback was declared in late August.

Up10tion’s unused EP, Light Up with the single Light, was discharged on September 24. On November 23, it was reported that Jinhoo would start his obligatory military benefit on the same day.

On November 27, Up10tion discharged Predetermination which was a portion of their Light Up album.

On November 29, Bitto tried positive for COVID-19. On December 1, Kogyeol too tried positive for COVID-19. On December 15, Xiao tried positive for COVID-19.

As of December 30, all 3 individuals have recuperated from COVID-19.

On June 14, 2021, Up10tion returned with their moment studio collection Association with the going with lead single Turn Off.

On January 3, 2022, Up10tion discharged their tenth mini-album Novella with Insane Approximately You serving they’re going with the track.